Can we do analysis using Twitter data for commercial purpose



I want to do some data analysis (such as sentiment analysis) for a customer using the Twitter data.

I would be downloading tweets using streaming API and would be using various variables such as Tweet ID, User ID, Tweet Text, Location, User name, etc to carry out the analysis.

Could anyone please tell me if its legal to use this data to carry out such analysis for commercial purpose? If yes, then is there any restrictions to the type of data that can be shared with the customer in the analysis.

Would appreciate some help.



hey can anyone please respond?



Under our API Terms of Service ( ), you may not resyndicate or share Twitter content, including datasets of Tweet text and follow relationships. You may, however, share datasets of Twitter object IDs, like a Tweet ID or a user ID. These can be turned back into Twitter content using the statuses/show and users/lookup API methods, respectively. You may also share derivative data, such as the number of Tweets with a positive sentiment.

Twitter Platform Operations


Hi There,

We have a similar requirement and I am doing a POC for my client and plan to use sample data from Public API data before I subscribe to using data from GNIP. We were going through “Rules of the Road”, it says

“You may provide spreadsheet or PDF files or other export functionality via non­-programmatic means, such as using a “save as” button, for up to 100,000 public Tweets and/or User Objects per user per day. Exporting Twitter Content to a datastore as a service or other cloud based service, however, is not permitted.”

Does that mean that, we can provide sample data, which include tweet texts, if provided using a spreadsheet?

Could you please clarify this urgently. Your help is much appreciated.

Syntigrity Team



Please can anyone respond.



Please can anyone respond urgently.


To get answers about a very specific policy question like this, it’s best to go directly to platform operations through

Provide as much information about your product and customer as possible.


Yes so it’s fine for an app to parse Twitter data for any @twitterperson and report various heuristics about them. Right?

Obviously any training data would be anonymised.


Yes, you can use the data for commercial purpose. Twitter has mentioned in its Term of Service and Privacy policy that you can use the data for commercial purpose.

There are few restrictions like:

  1. You cannot sell or store deleted tweets
  2. You can trace up to last 3200 tweets of a Twitter user only
  3. If you want to fetch the Historical search data then you will need to subscribe for Premium Apis of Twitter.

You can read Twitter Developers’ Terms of services and privacy policy below: