Can we access other twitter URL's twitter feeds on our website?



I have many contacts in my website each is having their twitter URL field set.

I have my twitter account and created widget to show twitter feeds on my site.

My query/issue is : Can I show contacts twitter feeds on my website ?

If we take an example :
Lets say I have 2 contacts in my site. contact1 and contact2.

They have their own twitter url’s : and, respectively.

My questions is if contact1 has been logged in to my site, it should show feeds from his url and if contact2 has been logged in to my site, it should show feeds from his url.

So, in general, twitter feeds should be dynamic.

Is that possible ?

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Best Regards,


You will need to use the timeline widgets configurator on to set your widget preferences which will be stored in a widget ID and available for reuse across multiple widget instances.

You would then generate an anchor element using the Twitter screen name of the account you would like to display.

<a class="twitter-timeline" data-widget-id="{widget_id}"
Tweets by @{screen_name}

See the Overriding Timeline Selection section of the Embedded Timelines doc for more information.


That worked. Thank you very much, niall.

I was searching for solution since couple of days and finally you solved my issue.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: