Can twurl upload a picture to


I would like to be able to upload pictures to Twitter using twurl, but I can’t find any information about doing so, which makes me think one of three things:

  1. “No, of course not, that question is too stupid to even ask.”
  2. “Yes, of course, that question is too stupid to even ask.”
  3. “No one has ever asked this question before.”

I’m guessing it’s not #3 (although Google and a search of this forum did not turn up anything). I’m hoping it’s not #1.

If it’s #2, I’m hoping someone can give some pointers.



At this time it’d be difficult to do so with the twurl without a little modification – it’s not setup right now to take a file as input, properly encode it, and then handle the OAuth scenario correctly. It wouldn’t take long to add this support in though.