Can Tailored Audiences managed through CRM list upload contain multiple data types?



Can you send one file with phones and another with emails to the same audience, and at the same time?


Hey @radius_addeploy,

Could you elaborate on what you mean by “at the same time”? It is possible to upload two files for matching with the same audience.



Thank you Tushar. Do they have to contain the same type of data, i.e. only
email addresses? Or can they be different?


@radius_addeploy - Each file can only contain one data type


But can each audience contain more than one data type? Thanks for the
quick response.


Yes, that is correct. You can provide multiple different types for the same audience


Thank you!


@imit8me We are having difficulty creating a single audience with two data types through the API. We create the audience first with data type = EMAIL, then upload our TON file with email addresses. But the next file contains phone numbers, and there is no way to modify the audience type to include PHONE_NUMBERS. Can you please confirm that this is possible?


We noticed in the sample documentation that some CRM audience types have list_type = null. Is that a valid list_type? How does Twitter know what type of data is provided in the file in order to match it to Twitter user accounts? If list_type is null, will it attempt to match to all Twitter user data points?