Can someone point me in the right direction?


I’ve been searching for quite some time now and haven’t found anything I am looking for. Just wondering if someone can post a link to the proper documentation or post for me to read?

I am looking to write some scripts for our SaaS application that our clients can schedule tweets to go out on their accounts in conjunction with other things happening in our system. I’m not looking for how to code this, more how to setup the things here, proper procedure.

The basics:
A page for customers to get an oAuth token to be stored by our system and used to tweet their accounts.
A page for them to compose and schedule the tweet.
Backend script that sends the tweet.
Our system will end up sending tweets for 100s of separate accounts, etc.

All I see is create an app for people to download and use, or a widget that is displayed on a website type of thing, nothing that resembles what I am trying to do that is all backend. Not displaying things or getting data or stats.

Is that what I need to do? Still create an App in this interface?
Does each customer have to create an app in each one of their accounts for us to use their api keys?

Or is it simple, just write something to get their oAuth and store it and then use that in my script to send the tweets and not have an actual App?