Can someone explain the 1st 2 steps in enabling player cards?


Hi guys, I have a paid wordpress based website, and basic experience with html. I am trying to enable player card for a tweet following the so-called “Twitter Cards Getting Started Bundle”

The 1st step cited is to “Unzip the contents into a publicly accessible path on your website” What does this mean? Can you say it with other words? Should i upload the files on my website trough the Wordpress dashboard and save it on particular page or must i upload it to the server using FileZilla? If the 2nd, where must i upload it? In the “wp-content” folder in the root folder or elswhere?

The 2nd step is to “Open the page.html file and ensure the twitter:image, twitter:player and twitter:player:stream values point to your server and file locations”. Can you rephrase this in other words too?
The content value for "twitter:player"must be HTTPS URL to iFrame player. What is a “twitter:player” ? Is a software, just a tag? How do I create one? Do i upload it somewhere on Wordpress or the server (where?)
How to determine the “twitter:player:stream” content value URL?
Why does the “twitter:player” and “twitter:player:stream” URLs are different?

Can you point to a web tutorial that might be of help if too much to explain here. I ahve spent several days but seems like there is not much either posted on blogs or video sharing plattforms. One might thing is either too complcated or must stay a secret how to do it in a simple way. The other cards are no issue


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