Can Search API be used to retrieve "All" instead of "Top" tweets with a hashtag?


I’ve just pieced together my first page using the twitter search api to display images from tweets with the hashtag #protoplayphoto here:

This page uses the following twitter search query:
url: “"+encodeURIComponent("#protoplayphoto")+"-filter:retweets”,
data: { include_entities: true,
count: 100,
result_type: “mixed”,
page: 1
dataType: “jsonp”,
jsonpCallback: “getTweetsCallback”

This query appears to retrieve the same results as when typed into However they are both missing one tweet (atm) which can be seen by changing from “Top” to “All” tweets: Is there anyway for my webpage to retrieve the same results as this hand typed search for “All” tweets?

As a side note, it seems that some people have seen this last tweet appear on my website, but others have not (including me). If possible, I’d like to make the experience more complete and consistant for everyone.

Thanks, Gary.


The widget you’re using is deprecated and will cease functioning within a few weeks – you should move to [node:10248] instead.


Hello Taylor,

So There is no way to get all search result of that particular hashtag using Twitter API v1.1 ?

If there is a way please point me. Or Please Guide me another way.