Can running an autoresponder on multiple machine trigger a lock?


As an adjunct to my other post. I am trying to run a quiz autoresponder. The user starts by replying start to an opening tweet.

They then get questions back in replies. After a while the test account gets locked. I thought it might be because each user gets the same questions. But I’d think that should be allowed (haven’t got clarity there yet) since it’s a response to different users. It occurred to me that the lock happened after a deployed to Google Compute Engine. So the test user got question 3 answered by my local dev machine and question 4 by the production deployment. Is it possible that switching IPs caused the lock?

Desperate to find out why the test account get locked as it is critical to how the effort is structured.



I’m having the exact same problem to a similar application. It seems that the rules about similar content being repeatedly posted are being incorrectly applied for devs like us. If the bot account is directly replying to a human user in a 1:1 ratio, you’d think that wouldn’t trigger any kind of action, since the engagement is controlled entirely by the human…