Can one "send" a lead generation card?


Is it possible to “send” a lead generation card to an individual who mentions our brand?

We’d like to use cards for generating a contact lead whenever a customer inquires about our product.

The use case is:
The customer mentions the brand or a brand product on Twitter…
A brand monitor sees the mention and sends a lead generation card to the user…
The lead generation card becomes part of the overall conversation between the customer and the brand monitor…
The user clicks on the lead generation card, which sends the user’s email address and a link to the conversation to a sales or service representative…
The sales/service representative then engages with the customer online.


Hey Rob,

You could always @mention the user with the card URL. The downside to this is the lead gen card wouldn’t be auto-expanded in this case, but if the user expands the Tweet, the card would be displayed.

Example Tweet text: