Can not upgrade from Sandbox to premium.. Please, Help Me!


I want to upgrade to a premium because my sandbox has expired.
If you enter your Visa card information, the upgrade will be denied.

We were unable to accept your payment information
Unfortunately, we cannot serve you with Premium products at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you continue to utilize our Sandbox for your needs. Thanks.

What is the problem? Please, Help Me!!


Thanks for reaching out, can you verify your account @handle?


Thank you for answer.

my account id is ""


Hi @Idol_Chart, I am working with my product team to help get this issues solved. I will let you know as soon as I have an update.


Thank you.
When will you know when the update will be done?


You really have a lot of trouble.
The site we are developing now requires the “counts” feature of the premium API service.
If the API update is delayed, there may be a problem with our service schedule.
Could you pre-update my Sandbox class in advance with a premium and help me make the payment later after the API is updated?

Please. Thank you.


We are waiting for an answer. Please, reply.


Hi @Idol_Chart, My product team is still looking into the issue. Unfortunately, I cannot approve premium features at this time without this issue being resolved. I will let you know as soon as I have more information.


Thank you for your reply.
We have sent our credit card information to "" for troubleshooting.
Thank you.


I tried registering three VISA cards for Twitter Premium API registration, but all three fail.
All three cards are cards from different banks, all of which are not bad for overseas payments.
So far, all 5 cards have been registered but all failed.
Apparently there is a problem with your billing system. What should I do?


Hi @Idol_Chart - it looks like your application is from Japan, do you have a Japan payment type instead?


Hi, @happycamper. Our account application is in the Republic of Korea. And the credit card we have applied for payment is also a card issued in Korea.

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