Can not see Tweets on Dashboard



I am facing a strange thing. I cannot see the Tweets for advertiser account(18ce53zkiav) on dashboard ( which I created via API using Code or Twurl . However when I try to create a Campaign for these Tweets I can see those under existing Tweet section. Below are more details.

  1. I created a Creative Type “Website Click and Conversion”, I made a Tweet and attached preview_url with my Tweet . Now when I go to Dashboard i.e “” I cannot see any Tweet I created, however I can see my Creatives (Cards)
  2. But when I select “Create New Campaign” and select Website Card and go into my existing Tweet Section I can exactly see the Tweet I created.

I called this problem strange because the same above steps are working perfectly for my other account (18ce53zskau), I can see the Tweets at both places, ( and while creating a campaign.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong. The difference in my above accounts are.

18ce53zkiav is my Main account
18ce53zskau is account who authorized 18ce53zkiav as Ads Manager.

The only different while creating Tweets is use of as_user_id parameter which I used for creating tweet for “18ce53zskau” on behalf of 18ce53zkiav, however I am not using as_user_id for 18ce53zkiav because its is creating for its own Account.