Can not get some tweets in search api, when using since_id


Currently, in search api, when using since_id, can not seem to get tweets that exist within a few minutes after time of “since_id tweet”.
Can get all tweets if not using since_id.
I noticed this problem in the report from the user of my service.
It seems suddenly occurred from about two days ago.
As far as I was confirmed, it seems to be the only problem in the search api.(not depend on the query text)
Because I do not have much time, excuse me only with a simple report.


Confirmed that we are having this issue also.

If we set the since_id to 0, the tweets appear in the response but if we set the since_id to the last tweet we received, we do not get any tweets that appear afterwards.

This issue started on Thursday or Friday of last week.


Example of request made to API


Thank you for reaching out. I’ve notified our eng team, and we’re looking into it. I’ll report back here with updates.

Sorry for the issue, and I’ll work to get this addressed.


Hi everyone,

We rolled out a fix yesterday. Wanted to get your input if your use cases are now working. Please let me know!


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