Can not get revenue reporting in MoPub



I am trying to get revenue reporting from both iAd and AdMob.

In MoPub under networks I’m trying to add account info for AdMob.
It asks me to select authentication type from the drop down.

Option 1 : Username / Password
This option asks for an API key and API Password.
Well where is this mysterious API Key and Password for AdMod because AdMob doesn’t have an API Key or Password?

Option 2 : OAuth
This option has a button “Link AdMob Account”. I press button. Then I get the standard pop up Google dialog stating :
Project Default Service Account would like to:
have offline access

I click allow.
Google window closes I return to MoPub and click “Save section”. At this stage i get the error
"There was an error adding revenue reporting to your account for this network. First set up your OAuth Token"

Ok I will set up my OAuth token. Just tell me how and where?

I am having similar issues with iAd reporting and so wondering what is the solution?

Many thanks


Hi @TCBapplications

Great question. Option 1 is a legacy AdMob option we have for legacy AdMob users. You can certainly use option number 2 moving forward.

To do so, please open a new browser and log into the gmail account associated with your AdMob account. Then log into MoPub and enable reporting in the UI. You’ll want to make sure that there are no plug-ins enabled for ad block.

If you have any follow up questions please reach out to us directly at and someone on our team will assist you.