Can not dynamically change meta tag contents in Summary large Image Card


I need to implement sharing on Twitter. Our site shows list of deals and I would like to share each deal with its own information along with image.

We are working on ROR tech and using angular.js for front end. I followed all instruction as per your documentation related “Summary large Image Card”. When I set constant values to meta tags I can share that on Twitter, but as I change it to dynamic values to pic it as per the deal details it does not replace it.

PFA screen shot of tweet how it looks when we use dynamic values to metatags.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


That’s expected behaviour.

As you’ll see noted in our pinned troubleshooting post, and in our documentation, our cards crawler cannot execute Javascript, so dynamic frameworks like this will not work. You’ll need to generate static HTML on the server side for each of your URLs if they are requested by the Twitterbot user-agent.

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