Can not create app


I’m trying to include a social media wall on a wordpress site through the Flow-Flow Social Stream app for my work.
So I applied for a developer account. After some additional Twitter feedback (with incomprehensible questions), I had to make a mistake somewhere because my developer account was rejected or suspended …
To authenticate the Twitter account to the plugin, he asks me API key, secret API, TOKEN key and TOKEN secret.
How can I reapply for an application?
I thank you in advance for your help.


All of our developer applications are reviewed to ensure compliance with Twitter policy. While we can’t comment on specific cases, applications may be rejected if they are found to be in violation of any section of the Developer Agreement and Policy, Automation Rules, Display Requirements, and/or the Twitter Rules.

Additional information on restricted uses of Twitter APIs is available here.

There currently isn’t a way to edit a rejected application, or to re-apply, however stay informed for product updates/changes.

There are several existing topics on the matter. I’m going to close this one as it is a duplicate.