Can not create a ads api test app



I am trying to create a ads api app for developing my service.
When i fill and submit the ads api access developer form, it always be display a white screen without any message.
I do not know what this mean, so how can i get ads api access developer ?


Once you submit the Ads API Application (Developer) form, your application is up for approval; this may take some time and there are no set timelines in terms of when and if you’ll be granted access. Fingers crossed you will though, so give it a little bit of time!

Once you submit the form, I believe it sometimes scrolls at the bottom of the page which has a bit of extra white space, so if you scroll up you should see that your form was successfully submitted.

Thanks for taking the time to apply for access to the Ads API!

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I scrolled to the end and saw that ‘Thank you for your interest in Twitter Ads API!’.
Thank you !!!


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