Can log in here but not Twitter account? Captcha looping infinitely!


See subject line. User name and password clearly work as able to log in here. But won’t let me into my normal Twitter account. kepp getting the ‘Are you human?’ message and the Captcha window - which STILL won’t let me in even when I know I’ve filled it out correctly. Advice welcome!


I have the same problem, try clicking on your username on this page then logging in through that window. It seems some people get around it by doing that, doesn’t work for me though still stuck in the endless captcha loop of doom. I can for some reason access Twitter via my tablet and phone however…


same here,i can say all the profanities available but will not help ,please fix this!!!


Experiencing the same loop with Captcha on my Windows 7 computer. I can log in on my Linux system running Ubuntu. Tried getting help from Twitter support to no avail. I guess their too busy counting their #IPO billion$ to help the little people. The CAPTCHA is a total #fail. Oddly enough, I can log on to this forum using the same username/password on the Windows system.


I’ve cancelled my account and moved on to alternative apps that don’t take months to solve log-in problems. Sure glad I didn’t buy that stock.


Can’t login because Captcha does not work and doesn’t make sense why it is needed in the first place.


same thing for me on the computer - for Chrome and Firefox both - keep going back and forth with Captcha, yet, I can log into this forum on laptop and Twitter on my cell phone. So this is still happening.


I can sign in here and on my phone but when I try in firefox or chrom it does the Captcha loop. It won’t even let me reset my password


captcha loop! 10000+ disabled followers waiting for a solution!


I cannot get out of this suspended loop with captcha. When I tried to submit a ticket as soon as I used the drop down to the suspended account it automatically redirected me to the same page with the two check boxes and the captcha. I tried multiple times and even once got the broken bot saying “something is wrong thanks for noticing” which still does not help this account. When I logged into my personal account and submitted a ticket their is an auto reply that states the account isn’t suspended and to log into the suspended account and resubmit a ticket. How can I if it continues to redirect?


This is a real pain in the neck!


I am having the same problem. I can’t get my twitter account back. I got suspended for the first time. Please! Help… I can’t see captach


I am having same problem where I can’t type in password in Firefox but I can with IE. So annoying!


i need help…my twitter isnt letting me log in ,type in my password or go to my profile page


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