Can I use Twitter Cards without Twitter crawling?


My website host does not allow crawling (don’t ask!), so is there anyway I can gets Twitter Cards to work? The meta-tags seem very similar to those on Facebook and that works perfectly (presumably without crawling) - is there a way to do this with Twitter Cards? My Facebook posts look professional, my Tweets look dreadful!


Should work, as long as the meta tags are present when you post your article (request should be done once)

I have a similar setup using some custom PHP functions to only add the tags once twitter does a request. The problem here on twitter is (as far as i know) they manually approve the domains.


I have all the required meta-tags, but because I cannot edit my robots.txt to provide access to the Twitterbot I just get:
“Fetching the page failed because it’s denied by robots.txt”

No option to request approval