Can I use different "name" values for one "screen_name"?


I am developing an interface to post tweets from an application.

We envisage using several twitter “names” based on geographical area.

Can I use one twitter account (i.e. “screen_name”) to create and manage the several various apps/access_tokens/etc - one per geographical area, and each with it’s own distinct name/screen name that a user can follow (based on their geographical location)?

Initial tests show I can set up the apps easily enough, but they all show the same screen_name/name in the timeline.


The app will be tied to a single user account as the owner, but you can then get individual users to oauth authenticate your app to post on your behalf. Please review the Authentication section of the API docs


Thanks for the reply. I guess I want the reverse - one app/oauth authentication, but different users accessing it to post as themselves. This would enable twitter users to follow based on their geographical location. That doesn’t seem possible - so many accounts and many oauth tokens.