Can I use for my website?


I am web template designer. Twitter v1.0 API deprecated. So we are facing so many troubleshoot. Our all clients don’t have server side language supported server or they don’t want to use any server side language. They want there templates with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So we cant use Twitter API v1.1. I have found something which is working without any server side language we can create an widget. by widget id we can call and we got json. we can implement tweets from here. also we can design it.

My Question is: Is it legal to use it? What the terms for this?

Sorry, for my bad quality English.


Hi Raju,

The endpoint you’ve got there is not a supported, public API. It’s used by the embedded timeline widget to render content, and is subject to change in terms of format, content (both JSON and HTML), arguments and even existence at any time without notice. You should not use it in your applications or deliver anything to clients depending on the response of this endpoint.

If you want to do your own rendering of Tweets that’s fine, but you should proxy it via your own authenticated call to the API for data.



Hi Ben,

I was using this cool Twitter widget on my site (160x250),
but it also stopped working. Can I adapt this with the new version.
Thanks for the feedback !


Hello ? Anybody here ?