Can I use authentication with xAuth in API 1.1?


Question about this announcement:

Can I use authentication with xAuth in API 1.1?
Do I need to change something?


I’m using Twitter Framework on iOS5, and I also wonder if I can keep using it on the new API rule.


I got the same question. Does xAuth requried any additional works (compare with oAuth) for this API migration?

"For developers who are already using OAuth when making API requests, all of your authentication tokens will transition seamlessly from v1.0 to v1.1."
How about xAuth?


xAuth is still a form of OAuth. An access token is an access token no matter how you retrieved it. The model is slightly more complicates with the iOS5 framework, but the spirit is the same – each user who has granted an application is represented by an access token.


Thank you very much!


Based on the above thread, it would seem that the legacy JAVA devices we have in market should still be able to connect via xAuth once we upgrade to 1.1. Just want to confirm as this would potentially impact a large number of users if this was not the case. Thanks in advance.



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