Can I use a 3rd party mobile VAST tag in Mopub?


I got a mobile VAST tag from a network. Is this possible to use that ad tag in mopub so that I can fallback to that VAST tag.

I went through documentation and found that I can use VAST xml as direct sold ad. However, does Mopub allow to use a VAST ad tag so that I can manage my water fall.



Hello veetwoner,

VAST is GA, so for fullscreen direct serve creatives, you can select VAST and input the VAST tag. The documentation for this is not out yet, but here is the information below.

Aspect Ratios:

  • phones - 320x480 landscaped aspect ratio
  • tablets - 768x1024 landscaped aspect ratio

Length of video:
1-15sec non-skippable, 16-30sec skippable after 5sec

File size:
Video bitrate: There are no limitations on video bitrate, however, best practices do apply:
a. Video bitrate combined with video duration should net out to a file size less than the max video size (5MB).
b. Ideally below 512bkps or lower

Skip functionality requirements:
Skippable or not behavior is automatically applied to the video by our SDK depending on the video length.

Requirements for the end frame - aka Companions banners:
Companion banners appear after the video completes.
MoPub only supports companion banners implemented via .
At the moment, MoPub does not support companion banners implemented via and

We will evaluate and companion banners for future roadmap.

Companions banner size:
Minimum size of 300x250. There is no maximum size; however, images larger than 480x278 will be scaled down proportionately to fit the screen, and centered in the area beneath the player bar. Note that if your companion banner image does not have the same general 480x278 aspect ratio; the scaled-down image will be wrapped by a gray border that extends to the screen’s edge.

We have not yet released documentation for this yet, but it should be released soon in the future.


Is the problem solved?i try it too and its not working for.Pls help