Can I tweet direct message to someone instead of going through direct message steps?


Can I tweet direct message to someone (instead of going through multiple steps)? And have them respond to me directly with keeping entire conversation private? (Just like SMS messaging)

In other words, do private conversations without going through multiple steps needed for direct messaging.

If I can, what API should I be using?


You can send Direct Messages using the Twitter API’s direct_messages/new endpoint.


Thank you, Isaach,

Does that mean, can we do peer-to-peer communication for secure data/tweet? If yes, how do I put a button on my profile to do that?

As I am newbie to the API, pardon me if the question is not phrased correctly. I would like user to tweet directly to me and I send him/her information back directly in secure fashion with no one else having visibility to it.


Twitter allows you to send Direct Messages to anyone who follows you—and so if you follow someone they will already see a button on your profile to send you a private message.

See, for instance.


I am trying to send direct_messages/new to my friend using c# but i am enable to send data …

I used this POST Call this this URL:" + accessToken;

but it giving following Error Please Help me…

Bad Authentication data

Thank you…


You need to send authorized requests to the Twitter API, including an Authorization header which you calculate for each request. There is detail on how to do this at

There’s general information on OAuth at I’d definitely recommend using a library, though, rather than trying to write your own.