Can I tweak the Mopub Web API


Dear Mr Twitter

Still struggling with whole foreign concept of having to write a native plugin to get access to a web resource to display in a web view running inside a native app - and I really don’t want to have to learn to write android java, apple objective c and windows C++ just to show an ad to make you guys some money.

Anyway I have discovered your web api

Now this looks like a very nice api - well I am being polite here - it lacks a lot compared to the sdk - in fact it lacks nearly nearly everything - which is annoying because under the hood the sdk is simply talking across the web - so everything the sdk does javascript should be able to do with a lot less work.

What I would like to do is reach deep into Android to pull out their advertising id - I have large set of rubber gloves and jar of grease here, so long as Android looks the other way I am sure I can get away with it - Once I have this I can stick it into a somewhat hacked version of your api , send it to you so you can send me some targeted ads.

Can I do this or would I be violating some obscure terms of reference that says doing the obvious is obviously not the right thing to do?

Failing that could you provide a jar of grease and rubber gloves to some unsuspecting intern/junior programmer and get them to pull out the android and ios tracking ids so the HTML5 hybrid app guys can have some real ads?