Can I target my native news feed using 2 separate ad units?



I have an app with native ads targeting my news feed. My native ad positions are 4,8,12,16.
I want to be able to target line items to position 4 and then target another line item at the other positions. Is this possible or should I create 2 separate ad units. One targeting news feed native ads in position 4, and one targeting the other positions.
Any advice would be great!


Hi @harpoonconnect,

Thanks for reaching out with your question! If you are looking to create a unique waterfall for the native ad you show in position 4, you can accomplish this by creating a separate ad unit.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to the MoPub Support Team at with your account log-in, ad unit ID and a summary of your question and someone on the team will be glad to help you.



Hi Jackie,

This is what we were aiming to do but my developers were unsure how to
create 2 separate ad units in the news feed. They said they couldn’t ’ find
way to implement two native ad unit for single table view list. '. Any
thoughts or help as to how we can implement this?