Can I show a live feed of tweets with a special hashtag in my application without the need for each user of the application to have a twitter account?



I want to make an application that shows live tweets with a certain hashtag in the application. For this I would use the Streaming API. I’ve made an application and received a consumer key and secret.
Is it possible to show a live feed of tweets in the application without the need for every user to sign in with his twitter account? It should be possible that every user of the application can see the live feed of tweets about the application even if they haven’t got a twitter account.
Is it possible to send a request to the Streaming API with only a consumer key and secret?
Is it possible to use the consumer key and secret of the application with an access token of the twitter account that created the application? And this for every user who installs the application?



If you’re using the Streaming API for this you should be leveraging an access token belonging to an account that represents your application (usually also the owner of the application). You do the streaming server-side. When you want to display tweets to end-users, you fetch the tweets from your local store.