Can I set up my scrollable embedded timeline to download less than 20 tweets?



I have noticed that the loading time of my homepage is being heavily impacted by the amount of tweets with images that are downloaded in my embedded timeline. It always downloads and shows my last 20 tweets and the “load more tweets” button.
Is it possible to configure my embedded timeline to download less than 20 tweets? for example, only 5 tweets, and that the user uses the “load more tweets” button if he wants to see more tweets.
I do not want to use the data-tweet-limit attribute because I do not want to render my timeline statically.
Thanks in advance

Luis De Sousa


Hi. I have reviewed other sources and I still can not find the solution to my problem. Any ideas here?


I use this and it works


Hi there. At this time we do not have a way to customize the amount of Tweets that are downloaded initially and with the ‘Load More’ button. Your feedback here is very helpful though and noted.



I am facing the same, I need to show 5 tweets initially and load more tweets button at bottom to load more tweets if user wishes for same.

Please let me know any approx time by which you can provide or release the solution for this.

Surinder Singh


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