Can I Serve AdMob through MoPub



I’m trying to get AdMob to serve through MoPub. In my inventory I have 2 networks set up, 1 of which is AdMob. Admob has requests but no impressions. The other network is working properly with impressions appearing.

I was researching this in MoPub help section and came across the following. Does this mean I can’t get AdMob impressions through the MoPub SDK? Any help is appreciated!!!

in MoPub Help Section “AdMob doesn’t allow performance campaigns to be shown through the standard server to server integration. To attain access to them, natively integrate the AdMob SDK.”


Hey Brian,

You can certainly serve AdMob through MoPub.

The AdMob integration in MoPub requires the MoPub AdMob adapter and the AdMob SDK. Server to Server for AdMob is not offered. Please see “Supported Ad formats for Network Mediation”.

The adapters for each respective OS are below.

Please follow the corresponding integration documentation for integrating third party ad networks below.

If you are using Proguard, you may have to include a line to keep the AdMob Adapters. This can be done in your Proguard configuration file. We have a file in which you can copy some of these configurations here.

If you have the AdMob SDK and Adapter integrated, and have set up following the documentation above, please check that the network AdMob is enabled under your respective Segment. Any new segment will override the Global Segment, so each network would have to be set in each segment for it to run correctly.

You can navigate to your segments from here and close the ‘Status:Running’ filter. This will enable you to click the drop down to see the inactive network and set the eCPM values enabling them. More in depth instructions are located here.

If you are still having issues, please email with the steps you have already taken and we can help you troubleshoot.