Can i scrape a twitter page to retreive a users background image?


My website will feature many twitter feeds, from many different sources etc. (lists could be in the thousands of twitter accounts). I want to use the background image asset full screen for each of there pages. For an account, can i scrape the http address for it to retrieve the asset location, and then download it to my server?.. I would also have to sometimes come back and check to see if it updated and do an insert/update. This scraping would also come against the standard rating procedures, and is something I can work around etc. Is this against your policies/rules?


There’s an API call that will give you the URL of the background image: GET users/lookup – as far as using it yourself, that’s a legal issue. I’ve seen people just use it hotlinked, though. That’s also probably a legal issue. Maybe deep in the TOS there’s something you can find…


I was not intending to use a user context, or an app context if I did not have to.


“You may export or extract non-programmatic, GUI-driven Twitter Content as a PDF or spreadsheet by using “save as” or similar functionality. Exporting Twitter Content to a datastore as a service or other cloud based service, however, is not permitted.” Im not a lawyer, but thats the only thing that I can see that I might breach should I do such a thing. Im not exporting as a service to somebody else (saas), i am using it for my own purposes on my own website that many people would use, so I dont fall into that context right?

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