Can i post twitter cards on users timeline


I am creating a mobile APP in which a user takes a Photo from its Android/iPhone and posts it on twitter and the post is done using a Gallery Card and Photo Card. I have registered at and it is giving me some instructions on integrating on my website with it, but I just want to know if we can post this on a user timeline or not.

I have submitted my Web Page for approval from
Kindly guide me on resolving this.



A card is attached to a tweet if that tweet contains a URL to a page that has Twitter meta tags in its page source. In order to achieve your goal, your users would upload a photo to your server, that photo would be given a unique page (e.g., the page would contain the relevant meta tags for this photo (e.g., and then you can tweet out the URL on behalf of the user. This will render the card with the tweet and drive traffic back to your site.


Hi @jbulava. I’m building a mobile only app (android) and I’m currently hosting my app links on Facebook Mobile Hosting API and whilst I can obtain the url from the API, I cannot add metadata to the url returned. Do you know any other way I can return the url with the metadata attached so that the card will be created from my android app?