Can i post a picture to twitter that does not appear as a link but directly shows the picture?


I like to post a picture to twitter that directly shows up when you see the account ( and not as a link only)
Is this possible ?



I have the same question. Can i have my pictures show up directly instead of a link to it?


I have same question. They use to appear and now don’t. I have set it so it should be visible but obviously I am not doing something correctly.


Same issue for me


Same issue for me


Same for me.


I have the same problem, I have a partner in this who cannot understand how I cannot just simply post a photo?? WHY?


same question, I really need my photos to show up as a photo…I see other like that why can’t I post a photo


has this been answered yet? same question


Same issue, please can someone answer this question?


Same issue


Same issue. Notice other tweets have photos and not links. Do I have to pay for having photos displayed rather than as a link?


No reply yet? I would really like to learn how to post them as images and not just links, as well.


Same issue. Has anyone figured anything out about this?


Same issue…so many people manage to do it, HOW???

Does anyone from Twitter actually look at this Discussion??


Until Twitter answers this…thought I’d share that you can use programs such as Buffer to add photos that appear in the tweet, rather than a link.

I just found them here:


I just asked my PR guy, who send pics out that do show. He said to just click the link once after Tweeting. I didn’t believe him to be honest - didn’t seem like that should work at all - but I just tried it and it did!