Can I make twitter api library with old version c#(.net version 2.0)


Hi. I’m a .Net web programmar. I worked several years with c# language on old .Net platform version 2.0.
I’d created a program which login with twitter OAuth authentication and tweets to twitter login user’s page.
This program created with old version c# library named TweetSharp(
But it works bad so I decided to create simple tweet library with c# version 2.0.
Our system is very old and It is based on .Net framework 2.0. So I can’t find another c# library. That’s why I create a library myself.

My question is it. Is it possible?
Is it possible to create twitter library for old version .Net framework web site.

If it is possible, please give me some advice include study route, something should I know etc.



I don’t see why not? The Twitter API is open for anyone to make an API wrapper if they want.

I don’t personally have any experience in the .Net framework at all. But I can’t imagine why there’d be any reason it couldn’t be done.