Can I just use 1 meta tag to make the 'Twitter Card' work?



Hi All,
I’m not a developer. I used the quickstart guide and couldn’t tell how how much code I need to add to my pages. I pasted this into the template of my whole site—and only this—just before the closing HEAD tag:

<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image" />

Am I wrong in thinking that this is sufficient for a tweet to display a preview of my page links? Here’s one:

Thanks all,


You also need twitter:title, twitter:description and twitter:image for the card to be generated (docs - image optional, but obviously since you’ve selected Summary Large Image you want one to be displayed). You can check your page in the validator.


Hi Andy, thanks for the reply.
My site is a static one. So does that mean that I have to type all that stuff into the head of every page I want to post on Twitter?

I now suspect that CMS sites like Wordpress ones have this built into them and they do it automatically for every post and page. Is that right?



Yes, that’s exactly right - we have a Wordpress plugin that can help with this. For static sites, you’d need to add the info to individual pages.


Aaargh… Oh well, I’ll just have to do without until the day I re-build my site in Wordpress.

Thanks Andy,


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