Can I influence the user/search feature?




I am using the user/search feature which is working, but not always returning the result I am looking for and I wondered if I could ‘influence’ the search? I’ll explain…

I need to look up the official Twitter account for artists/bands and am performing a search based on the following call (which works fine), but it does not, of course, always return the correct account.

My question is, can I add any search term/filter to, for example, specify that I want results based on interests, such as ‘music’ or ‘entertainment’ to try and narrow down the search and get better results?

$url = '';
$getfield = '?q=' . $artist . '&page=1&count=1&result_type=popular';
$requestMethod = 'GET';

Thanks in advance!


Per the documentation, this is a relatively simple search endpoint - however, you can indeed add e.g. interests or topics as additional keywords, which may help.


Hi Andy,

Appreciate your reply, thanks.

Thanks for the link to the documentation, but it does not (that I saw) indicate how to add these keywords?

Looking at the snippet of code that I have, how would I add keywords?

$getfield = '?q=' . $artist . '&page=1&count=1&result_type=popular';

Thanks again, appreciate your help.


You’d add additional space-separated values to the q parameter, so something like:

$getfield = '?q=' . $artist . '%20official%20music&page=1&count=1&result_type=popular';


Hi again Andy, many thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to help mne with this. Thanks!