Can i have more than 15 requests limit?


Hello community,

I want to visualize a twitter network consisting of the following list of all the people in someones following list for my thesis. Currently i use the friends/ids.json but i am limited to 15 requests every 15 minutes and that is waaaay too slow. Is there a faster way to do it? Or is there any service for academic purposes that can help?

Thank you in advance


I’m not sure if gnip will help with this but you could try it out, I think they offer discounting for academic use.


Make sure you set count=5000 parameter for friends/ids, also using Application Only Auth, will get you an extra 15 calls, so you can get 30 requests, each retrieving 5000 ids every 15 minutes.


I think the suggestion that @IgorBrigadir mentions is the best way to improve your process here. I’m not aware of any current plans to increase the limits for these endpoints, although we did tweak some of the other API limits recently in response to developer feedback.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions.


how do you resolve that?
I am also making my thesis and I need also that!
If you have an email, write me ( so we can talk more about it!


Hey there,

i used application only auth. Also i made the code for the api call because using a library was limiting( or i was doing something wrong :slight_smile: ).

My new problem now is that i keep some information for every user so i have to call users/show.json which is also limited at a very low limit. The reason i want this information is another program i found on the internet that visualizes thes network. Does anybody know a better and more efficient way to visualize a polarized network?(tools,codes anything )


When you say “very low limit” - the rate limit on the users/show endpoint is 900 calls in a 15 minute window, which is one of the higher ones. You could also use users/lookup (also 900/15 min for user auth) which enables you to pass in up to 100 user IDs at a time. What information are you trying to retrieve?


For some reason after 15 requests i get a rate limit exceeded message. I want to make a graph to show the polarization over a topic. The current program i use requirs these things but i am sure there is something better out there :slight_smile:


Strange - you’re definitely calling users/show?


That is what i am using : String moreInfoUrl = “”+id;

In the api console it says that both username and id are required but it is ok if i use only the id. Is it possible that the problem is caused because i use only the id?


How do you resolve get the following list of all the people in someones following list?
I am starting thinking to use gnip but I can’t get the credentials

I have to edit my last comment because I am new here

Yes, but this is too slow because of 15 Requests / 15-min window (user auth)

If I need 800.000 twitter accounts, It lasts like 500 days…
Yes, I send emails to gnip but they don’t answer.


That doesn’t work for us because be need the following list from a user and that information is not in users/lookup or users/show.
What do you suggest us?


You just get the ids for everyone in someones following list and for each one of them you call ""+id;"

I am not sure if gnip can give you some information, but if you can please let me know. Also i think that you must send them an email to get credentials.