Can I get less permissions


I want to be able to make a user follow a page and I want to post a tweet on their timeline too and of course want their email address. But I dont need to “update their profile”. Is there an option so that this does not show on the page the user sees? I think it scares people off.

All I want to do is follow a twitter feed, post to say they have been somewhere (like facebook checkin) and gather their email address. (maybe I will gather info on who they follow and use that to target what they like and give them special offers when they sign in).

anyone know if this is possible?


There are currently three levels of OAuth permission - read-only, read/write (which covers both posting a status, and updating profile), and read/write with DM access. There are no more granular permissions available at this time.

You may want to make it clear to your app’s users what you are using the permissions for before requesting them.