Can I get events for when a user follows me?



That’s it really, I want to get an event over the webhook when someone follows my account. Is it possible?


You can’t achieve this using the webhook at this time as it’s currently limited to Direct Messages but the Streaming API allows you to do so using GET /user.

It provides you with realtime updates for the authenticated account. The follow event will notify your app when someone follows you. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

The documentation says that the new Account Activity API will eventually replace it but there is no indication on when it will be available.


Thanks for the response.


@chubbyarse, these events are now available via webhook! You can apply via a form linked at the bottom of this blog post published yesterday. In your application, mention the events your are interested in and your use case. It is a closed beta, so if you have a legit business use case that falls in line with the automation rules you will more likely be approved. Good luck with your project!


@joncipriano Thanks for the update Jon, this is great news!
I’ve applied for access using this link as per yesterday’s blog post and just got notified that the request has been approved. However it to only grants access to the 30-Day Search API - requests to the Account Activity API return a 403 Forbidden response. Is there any additional step? App ID is 14343051. Thanks


@b_lw, thanks for reporting. Will check with some folks here on the issue.


Hey @b_lw - Can we get the Client App ID of the Twitter App you would like to have provisioned?


@KyleW Hi Kyle, the App ID is 14343051. Thanks very much for looking into it!
This app doesn’t not belong to my personal account but to the organization to which was granted premium access.


We plan to post more details to the forums soon addressing some of the FAQs around the recent Account Activity API beta launch - Those approved through the Developer Application process will receive these details in the approval email we send as well.

We provisioned an environment for you and your env name is: env-beta

You should be able to register a webhook and start testing the new beta.

Please open a new thread for any questions on functionality.