Can I find out what Twitter users use my website?


Is there a way for me to see exactly what Twitter users have been on my website?


What type of twitter interaction is there on your website?


There is the “tweet this” button below the articles. Can I find out who clicks that?


You can bind some method to the click event, then get the usernames and track them.
Please check this out:


You can add a via @youtwittername or #something in the “Tweet This” button and then track that either manually or using streaming API to know who clicks.


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The Tweet Button and Web Intents don’t directly reveal any personally identifying pieces of information when an end-user makes use of them. With Web Intents events, you can detect the fact that a tweet occurred, but not the specific tweet id or user who did the tweeting.

However, with the streaming API you could continuously monitor tweets with URLs pointing to your domain name (if that makes sense for you), which would give you some insight into the users who are tweeting about your site.


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