Can I extract twitter data to a csv file


Hi all, I wanted to know if it is possible with the current framework to create an API that pulls Twitter data over the last couple of years into csv or a similar file to then be manipulated by excel or R or something of that nature.

Eg, I want to use a keywords “Greengrocers” and then i want to gather all tweets including this keyword over the past 4 years. I then want the tweeter, the number of followers he has, and of course the time stamp.


There’s nothing preventing you from converting JSON or XML formats into a CSV format (provided you’ve written code to do the mapping).

However, Twitter doesn’t provide historical data of this nature – you can’t search back in time more than about a week into the past. [node:230] may be able to provide you some historical tweets, but likely not back 4 years in time.


sorry if I ask this question but I’m a very basic developer ----- what is the way to generate a json file or xml file and then what’s the best way to convert it into with CSv format???



You can purchase vast amounts of Twitter data from GNIP in JSON format. You can then use a convert like to convert the data to CSV (which can be opened in a spreadsheet).