Can I embed a timeline without creating a Widget?


We want to create an index of twitter feeds for political candidates running for office in our state. We’d also like to be able to embed their twitter feeds into a candidate profile page. The only way I can see to do that right now is to create a widget for each individual candidate (over 700). Is there a way to embed a timeline without having to create a widget for each individual twitter account?

Please & thanks (with pie and cherries on top)


Hi Jason,

We’re working on an API that will allow management of widgets en mass, but I’m afraid it’s not ready quite yet. We’re hoping to have something to address these use cases soon.




any update about it?



I have the same problem, i have a lot of subscriptions with usernames and i used them to make the widget boxes, now i can’t do it. Do you have some suggestion? Or do I really need to add one widget per user?



Hi Ramon,

User, favourites and list timelines can be dynamically adapting from a single widget ID. See this thread for the introduction and documentation links: [node:18411].



Is it possible now to dynamically create a list of timelines in one widget?