Can I combine/mix app cards with the other card types (particularly player card)


We have a player card for our interactive images and it works just great at e.g.
Now we released an iOS app, so we are going to add app installs to the player cards.

But then there are lots of pages at that do not include an interactive image (e.g. front page, about page, user pages, gallery, etc). These all are a very natural place for a twitter app card and sure the easiest way for creating it is to make app card a part of common template, but… what happens if a particular page has both app and player cards?

Has anybody tried combining app card and player card (or any other type of card)? Which one gets preference? Or does page stop working at all?


Short answer is: No, you can´t combine cards


App installs can be added to any Card. This allows you to optimize the display of your content while also driving app growth. Simply include twitter:app tags in addition to a Card’s required tags to display a “download” or “open in” button.

If you add conflicting Twitter Card meta tags to your HTML such as:

<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary" />
<meta name="twitter:card" content="photo" />

the tags further down the HTML document will take precedence.