Can I change update interval in Embedded Timeline?


Is there a setting that I can configure for an Embedded Timeline to change its update interval? I checked on the documentation page ( and in the FAQ ( and have not found anything on this option.

If it does not exist, is there a way to request this setting get added to the API?



Hi Ben,

The update interval for timelines is fixed at 30 seconds, and we don’t presently allow adjustment of that. We wanted a sane balance between new Tweet frequency, server load on our side, using user bandwidth on the client-side, and the performance implications of regular processing in your page.

Adding an option would be quite easy if there’s a strong use case for it. What kind of frequency are you looking for, and with what kind of timeline?




Hello and thanks by advance. I wanted to ask the same question. Because my embeded timeline is never updated excepted when i reload the page. I have integrated this timeline into an LMS page which is called “Chamilo”. I put a tweet button which is ok and send a special hashtag. Then somebody can answer the question. To get back the answer i have inserted in the same page of th tweet button a timeline listening to this specific hashtag but it’s never updating . Thanks Ben from France


I am experiencing the same condition, only updating when a page is reloaded.
For me I am doing a search for #coffee.