Can anyone kindly share me some codes about geolocation request?


Hi everyone.
I am a new in such field and I am going to collect geolocation data from twitter using Streaming API. What I have done so far is that install tweepy and some basic tools.

However, I dont have any background on PC language but I need collect some twitter data with geo location and tim (such as x, y,t ) attribute. Could someone kindly share me some tips or existed codes? I could study by myself but really need something to know how to start it.

Besides, I also have another question: Is there any one who konws what is the maximum capability about downloading Twitter data from Streaming API? For example, every 1000 per day or 1millions or even more?

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to your reply.

Best regards


The Streaming API /sample.json and /filter.json endpoints serve up to approximately 1% of the total firehose per day. Given that Twitter sees 500 million tweets per day or more, that is a lot of data. In terms of “downloading” that data, we have Developer Rules of the Road ( which cover what you can do with that data and whether you can store it.