Can anyone explain to me how and why i am following ghosts?


Can you explain why im following 3 non existing accounts?

I used the snippet below and got 3 users ids

$friendsX = $T->get('friends/ids', array('users_id' => '14868835'));
$friends = $friendsX->ids;
echo $friends." - ";
$newArray = array_unique($friends);

foreach($newArray as $ID){ 
$GetUser = $T->get('users/show',array('user_id' => $ID));
$Uname = $GetUser->screen_name;
echo $Uname;


the results were:

24111199 -
15051984 - 
91463227 -

as you can see no username showed up.

I did a little more research and tried this url 

twitter gave me an error saying users don’t exist!!


I still need help!!


The accounts are potentially deleted and have not yet been fully cleared from remaining caches. We’re always working to improve the consistency of results like this, but at this time a certain amount of tolerance is required until that eventual consistency is met, just discard those results.

It is odd that it showing you as only following these three seemingly non-existent accounts. There might be some things are support team can do to alleviate this but do the uniqueness of this case, I’d like to have some engineers look into it first. Will get back to you.


This should be resolved for you now. Thanks for demonstrating this.