Can anyone explain how Twitter's ticketing system works?


I’ve tried to use Twitter’s form based system regarding "Search and trends"

I received a ticket email it says at the bottom
"If the above info does not fully address your issue, please respond to this message with further details. We’ll do our best to help you out!"

I duly replied by email but immediately received an auto reply with subject
"Update on closed request failed: “
and in the body
”…You tried to update a request that has been closed. Please submit a new request at"

Seem to be going in circles. I’m confused about how you actually contact support when it seems to be automatically closing tickets.

Does anyone know how this ticketing system works?


Hi,My account is suspended.Sorry,I don’t keep the rules I accept my mistake I will follow the rules to here after.Can you open my account please.


My account has been suspended. I read the rules and I think understand what I have done. I apologize for spamming too much but I have too many people attacking me. I should have just blocked them. I again apologize and have learned my lesson. I love Twiiter and have also bought shares in it yesterday. Please reconsider me back. Thank you, Dana Smith


Regarding: Suspended account
Subject: Please re-open the account

I’ve been off my account and I do not know why stop where I do not understand the laws of Twitter
and I ask you to retrieve the account immediately
Full name: taleen0000
Twitter username: @taleen0000


i contact with twitter and send a message and i got
You tried to update a request that has been closed. Please submit a new request at You can also visit our help center at for self-help solutions to common problems. Thanks!
i did not understand what should i do i am sorry and please re active my account>Thanks