Campaing objective



1- Campaing objective: We defined one objective for each campaign but I couldn’t find out how to retrieve this information for the campaigns. ( I see that I could get it for the line item but as I could get more than one line item for each campaign, I don’t know if I could assume they are going to be all the same. Is there another way to get this information, at the “campaign level”, without querying the line items?


Thanks for the question, @camillagm.

Objectives are set at the line item-level. You can only retrieve the objective information by making a request to one of the line items endpoints—GET accounts/:account_id/line_items or GET accounts/:account_id/line_items/:line_item_id. You are correct to assume that the objectives for different line items under a single campaign will be the same.

Line items with different objectives are not allowed under the same campaign.