Campaign still paused after creative passes review



I created a campaign with a client last Saturday and, when it was launched via the Ads API, was put into a paused state while creative was reviewed. I noticed that the creative is no longer being reviewed, but the campaign is still paused. Historically, (iirc) the campaigns pop back into a resumed state after this review is complete.

I’m trying to understand what happened here. Perhaps our code launched the campaign in a paused state? Or maybe Twitter is not always unpausing campaigns that were paused for creative review? Here’s a link to the campaign:

Thanks in advance for your time spent!


Thanks for the question, @advolv.

We’ve looked at the logs and have not found any pause or unpause actions with this campaign. This suggests that the campaign was paused all along. However, let us know if you see this happen again.

A somewhat related question: were any edits made via the Twitter Ads UI for this campaign?


Good call, @juanshishido! This was in fact a bug on our end and it has been patched and tested.

To answer your question: no, there were no edits made via the Twitter Ads UI. I had used it to check if any creatives were being reviewed :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it, @advolv! Thanks for confirming.