Campaign stats only returned when segmenting data


Hi guys,

Data from the stats/campaigns endpoint doesn’t get returned when fetching without a segmentation such as GENDER

There was one active campaign in January which generated >20.000 impressions in total. However, when fetching data from the API for this campaign, 0 impressions is returned. When adding a segmentation on GENDER to the request however, all of the impressions are correctly returned…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


(Updated because after some more research we found the issue lay somewhere else)



Unfortunately it’s difficult to say what might be wrong based upon information you provided here (please check for some of the info that makes it easier to help you).

As a guess, please note that the impressions formula differs based upon the objective of campaign, and these formulas are found at:

Also note that some metrics are not returned by default and must be specified with the metrics= parameter.

If you find a case where the stats from that Derived Metrics document do not match what you are seeing the UI, please submit a very clear post that contains as much specific information as you can about what you are calling and comparing against (preferably including a repro with Twurl tool).