Campaign "Results" in API?


Is there a way to fetch a campaign’s “Results” that you can see in the interface (see image)?



Do you mean stats for a campaign? You should have a look at our Analytics endpoints.


Thanks @andrs :smile:
I specifically mean the Results stat you see in the screenshot, I’m trying to retrieve that through the API.

I know you can fetch Link Clicks separately through promoted_tweet_timeline_url_clicks, but not all campaigns have that as Result as they don’t have the same objective. Besides, Leads (see screenshot) was a derived metric but the metric that was used to calculate it has been deprecated (promotion_card_responses).
Any ideas?


Hi There!

Did some searching through the forums and did not find anything else readily on this topic - has anyone had any luck in determining how to create the “Results” field from the UI based on the available fields from the stats API response?

I bet that they are derived based on the objective type, but the documentation did not seem to mention how the values map from the API to the UI.

Thanks so much!

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Hi @Tianape, @TapClicks! The “Results” column contains the specified metric value, which depends on the objective, indeed. But the column states clearly what the results are:

objective --> metric that represents the results:

LEADS --> card_engagements
TWEET_ENGAGEMENTS --> engagements
FOLLOWERS --> follows
VIDEO_VIEWS --> video_total_views

How to fetch value of metric "Results" using Ads API