Campaign management reach estimate values from twitter api differs from the values in Edit Ad Campaign panel


i am triying to get reach estimation values from api with this code;

twurl -H "" "/2/accounts/18ce54m6k9e/reach_estimate?objective=AWARENESS&bid_amount_local_micro=15000&currency=EUR&campaign_daily_budget_amount_local_micro=150000&product_type=PROMOTED_TWEETS&interests=5006&locations=682c5a667856ef42&bid_unit=VIEW&charge_by=IMPRESSION&placements=["ALL_ON_TWITTER"]"

and the results are;


i assume that the “infinite_bid_count” should refer to “potential audience size” in
but with the same targeting options, the results are like the photo;

there is a huge difference in the results.
can you help me figure out the problem.


These numbers are not guaranteed to be equal because there may be some minor differences in implementation, and due to how the number is calculated you should definitely consider it to be more of a general estimate.

If you see fluctuation day over day that is also somewhat expected as the Twitter userbase changes and this endpoint is checking data in a dynamic way.

We would announce on this forum any changes or improvements to this endpoint but feel free to give feedback or any problems you are encountering (such as this one).




thanks for the reply john,
just asking to be sure, is this end points are the same on the api? how can i find the exact end point which is mentioned as “potential audience size” in the audience summary.
best regards.